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Dr. Lavi to Present at M.O.M. Conference in NYC on Thursday May 2nd


Mom conference

Dr. Lavi will be presenting a talk, Why Mothers Need to Continue to Dream As Role Models for Their Children, at the Museum of Motherhood 401 East 84th St. New York City (lower level. Corner of 1st Ave) NYC, 10028. The talk will take place on Thursday May 2nd at 3 PM. (Day registrations are still available, but space is limited,) Dr. Lavi’s presentation is part of a three day academic conference: A New Motherhood? Evolving Policies, Practices & Families. The conference is sponsored by Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, The Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family & Society, M.A.M.A. Expo, Modern Ambassador for Maternal Advancement, & Gymboree among others. If you are in NYC, please come & hear Dr. Lavi in person.

AI honor of the conference, all week Dr. Lavi’s blog will be focusing on issues related to Motherhood.


Now Is the Time To Do Something About Gun Violence


Tonight Dr Lavi will be appearing live on The Bachelor Pad Today 1/17; 7 PM EST to discuss President Obama’s Plan To Do Something about gun violence If you have questions or want to comment, call in: 646-929-0130

Dr. Lavi Appearing Live on BlogTalkRadio Helping Parents & Children Cope with Newtown Tragedy

What cna parents do to help their children cope with school shooting?

What can parents do to help their children cope with school shooting?

Dr Lavi will be appearing on The Bachelor Pad http://www.thebatchelorpad.biz/default.html on BlogtalkRadio on Monday 12/17 at 6 – 8 PM on How Parents Can Help Their Children Cope with the Newtown Tragedy.

Many parents are struggling with how to help their children deal with the unthinkable crime of mass murder of children in school. How can they help their children feel safe? How can they help their children make sense of what all of us are struggling to understand? How can schools & teachers help their students cope with thes troubling issues & questions.

Do you have something to say or want to ask a question? Call: 646-929-0130 during the show.