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Enter A Raffle to Celebrate 100,000 Page Views On Our Blog

Enter every day for a chance to win a Free copy of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge e-book

Enter every day for a chance to win a Free copy of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge e-book



What’s your unfulfilled dream? A new #career? To write a #book? To travel around the world? Whatever your #dreams are, here’s a chance to learn ways to overcome obstacles and make your dreams part of your life.

We’re celebrating 100,000 page views on our blog!

Enter our #raffle for a chance to win a free copy of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, Dr. Lavi’s best selling e-book on Amazon.com.


The Wake Up and Dream Challenge Newsletter August, 2013


The Wake and Dream Challenge Hit #1 on Two of Amazon’s Kindle Best Selling Book Charts


Dr. Lavi is proud to announce that The Wake Up and Dream Challenge reached #1 in both the Self Help/Happiness and Mental Health/Dreams categories on Amazon Kindle’s Best Selling book charts during the free download promotion! Dr. Lavi would like to thank all those who downloaded the book during the free giveaway. If you downloaded the book, like it and want to help spread the word about it, we could use your help. We would appreciate it if you would click on the link and write a short review. Even a sentence or two will help potential readers decide whether to purchase the book and support the nonprofits associated with the book. Thanks in advance for your help!

Dr. Lavi Welcomes Esther Thomas, Public Relations/Social Media Intern

Esther PortaitsAlthough the summer is almost over and Dream team Interns Adam and Claire will be returning to their studies, Dr. Lavi would like to introduce you to the Dream Team’s Public Relations/Social Media Coordinator Esther Thomas who will be continuing through late fall. Esther’s goals and responsibilities as an intern include event planning, social media networking, public relations and communication with non-profit organizations. Esther has been a Dream Team intern since the beginning of the summer. Esther earned her under-graduate degree in history and communication at Western Connecticut State University. She is currently pursing a Masters of Communication at Sacred Heart University. Esther’s goals are to enhance her communication skills and to use them professionally. She adds that she hopes “to develop professional connections and increase knowledge on the effective use of social media and event planning.”  Esther is enjoying how the internship has given her the opportunity to work with a small team where she was able to practice communication and business skills. “I truly believe in the vision and purpose of Dr. Lavi’s book. Working with her allows me to apply the skills I learned in an academic setting to help Dr. Lavi help others in the real world.”


Press Release: Somewhere on Amazon.com Way Up High There’s a Great 3 Day Offer Don’t Let It Let Pass You By: It’s Time to Take The Wake Up and Dream Challenge

From 12 AM 8/4/2013 till 11:59 PM 8/6/2013, Barbara Lavi’s inspirational self help book, The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, will be available as a complimentary download on Amazon.com. Dr. Lavi developed a creative 21st Century version of #BurmaShave Marketing campaigns using rhyming tweets and fun photos hoping to maximize social media exposure so that she can teach as many people as possible how to actualize their dreams while supporting 21 Dream Nonprofit Organizations from across the USA.

Don’t let funny tweets like, “Jack was quick. Jack was nimble. Jack downloaded the #WakeUpAndDream Challenge Didn’t even need a Kindle,” fool you. The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, by Dr. Barbara Lavi is a serious self help book which has helped thousands of people change their lives. The use of “Over the Rainbow” imagery & rhyme in the title of this announcement, on the other hand, reflects the more serious side of the book’s inspirational content. Click on the link to read the full article, find the link to download the book for free & see some of the funny #BurmaShave signs…

Dr. Lavi on LA Talk Radio: How Couples Can Follow Their Dreams


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Dr. Barbara Lavi will be appearing on LA Talk Radio Show: Love Works tomorrow at 8 PM EST 5 PM PST with Jim Gulnick, BSEE, MBA & Lisett Guevara, BSIE, MSIE, D.Ed., Co-Authors, Co-Hosts, Husband and Wife  http://www.latalkradio.com/Love.php

Love Works 2 28 13 – 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST – Channel 1
Chapter 8: Ghosts of Our Ancestors. Join Love Works with Lisett and Jim as they discuss From Fight to Foreplay with Dr. Karen Sherman and The Wake Up and Dream Challenge with Dr. Barbara Bogdanow Lavi. Learn tools to manage conflict, repair relationships, and regulate emotions from your past. Discover where your dreams have gone, how to get them back, and why to dream big as individuals helping one another to accomplish your dreams.

The recording of the show will available now online after the show is broadcasted, so tune in & listen when you get a chance.