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Enter A Raffle to Celebrate 100,000 Page Views On Our Blog

Enter every day for a chance to win a Free copy of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge e-book

Enter every day for a chance to win a Free copy of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge e-book



What’s your unfulfilled dream? A new #career? To write a #book? To travel around the world? Whatever your #dreams are, here’s a chance to learn ways to overcome obstacles and make your dreams part of your life.

We’re celebrating 100,000 page views on our blog!

Enter our #raffle for a chance to win a free copy of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, Dr. Lavi’s best selling e-book on


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Don’t Fret, If You Missed the Free Download!

If you missed the free download of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, you can still get a copy on and support your favorite Dream Nonprofit. Click here:  to get your copy,

Here’s a new review posted about the book on

5.0 out of 5 stars I woke up, and my dreams are becoming realities August 14, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
The Wake up and Dream Challenge is an innovative approach to helping people get out of a rut, find balance in their life, and achieve their potential. The practical advise, and how it applies to daily life helped me realize how much I allowed the stress of everyday responsibilities to inhibit my ability to think big. I feel optimistic about my future again, the dreams I thought long forgotten are coming true.Praise for Dr. Lavi for helping others. Her selfless donation of the proceeds to benefit Non-Profits that help others achieve their dreams is unprecedented. If more people thought of others before themselves like this, the world would be a better place.

The Wake Up and Dream Challenge Newsletter August, 2013


The Wake and Dream Challenge Hit #1 on Two of Amazon’s Kindle Best Selling Book Charts


Dr. Lavi is proud to announce that The Wake Up and Dream Challenge reached #1 in both the Self Help/Happiness and Mental Health/Dreams categories on Amazon Kindle’s Best Selling book charts during the free download promotion! Dr. Lavi would like to thank all those who downloaded the book during the free giveaway. If you downloaded the book, like it and want to help spread the word about it, we could use your help. We would appreciate it if you would click on the link and write a short review. Even a sentence or two will help potential readers decide whether to purchase the book and support the nonprofits associated with the book. Thanks in advance for your help!

Dr. Lavi Welcomes Esther Thomas, Public Relations/Social Media Intern

Esther PortaitsAlthough the summer is almost over and Dream team Interns Adam and Claire will be returning to their studies, Dr. Lavi would like to introduce you to the Dream Team’s Public Relations/Social Media Coordinator Esther Thomas who will be continuing through late fall. Esther’s goals and responsibilities as an intern include event planning, social media networking, public relations and communication with non-profit organizations. Esther has been a Dream Team intern since the beginning of the summer. Esther earned her under-graduate degree in history and communication at Western Connecticut State University. She is currently pursing a Masters of Communication at Sacred Heart University. Esther’s goals are to enhance her communication skills and to use them professionally. She adds that she hopes “to develop professional connections and increase knowledge on the effective use of social media and event planning.”  Esther is enjoying how the internship has given her the opportunity to work with a small team where she was able to practice communication and business skills. “I truly believe in the vision and purpose of Dr. Lavi’s book. Working with her allows me to apply the skills I learned in an academic setting to help Dr. Lavi help others in the real world.”

Dr. Lavi to Present at M.O.M. Conference in NYC on Thursday May 2nd


Mom conference

Dr. Lavi will be presenting a talk, Why Mothers Need to Continue to Dream As Role Models for Their Children, at the Museum of Motherhood 401 East 84th St. New York City (lower level. Corner of 1st Ave) NYC, 10028. The talk will take place on Thursday May 2nd at 3 PM. (Day registrations are still available, but space is limited,) Dr. Lavi’s presentation is part of a three day academic conference: A New Motherhood? Evolving Policies, Practices & Families. The conference is sponsored by Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, The Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family & Society, M.A.M.A. Expo, Modern Ambassador for Maternal Advancement, & Gymboree among others. If you are in NYC, please come & hear Dr. Lavi in person.

AI honor of the conference, all week Dr. Lavi’s blog will be focusing on issues related to Motherhood.

Dr. Lavi Takes A Stand to Protect Children Not Guns

Dr. Barbara Lavi Backs Senators & Congresswomen Fighting for #GunSense

Dr. Barbara Lavi Backs Senators & Congresswomen Fighting for #GunSense












3/13/2012 Washinton DC Moms Demand Action Press Conference:

Dr. Lavi attended the Moms Demand Action Press Conference as part of the Moms Take the Hill in Washington DC. She is proud to be one of 250 mothers, fathers & grandmothers who represented 80,000 members of Moms Demand Action. Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action called herself an “accidental activist,” who founded the grassroots organization on December 14th 2012 after hearing about the Sandy Hook Masacre. Dr. Lavi is proud to have become one of the “accidental activists.” This was Dr. Lavi’s 1st time going to DC as part of a political “lobby.” Dr. Lavi reports that it was “an amazing experience yesterday to actually meet & hear Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein & others speak. These powerful women are working hard to help protect our children from the rising onslaught of gun violence in our country.” Dr. Lavi believes that, “Moms will make a difference just as they did with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.” Take a stand if you want #gunsense like 90% of Americans (including gun owners) who want stricter gun control (universal background checks, a ban on high capacity ammunition & semi-automatic weapons, gun trafficking laws & funding for safety measures in schools). Let your congressmen know you want machine guns out of our schools, movie theaters & neighborhoods. Eight children are shot & killed every day in America. It’s time to stop the violence. Learn more & join Moms Demand Action here:

Dr. Lavi on LA Talk Radio: How Couples Can Follow Their Dreams


Background Heart

Dr. Barbara Lavi will be appearing on LA Talk Radio Show: Love Works tomorrow at 8 PM EST 5 PM PST with Jim Gulnick, BSEE, MBA & Lisett Guevara, BSIE, MSIE, D.Ed., Co-Authors, Co-Hosts, Husband and Wife
Love Works 2 28 13 – 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST – Channel 1
Chapter 8: Ghosts of Our Ancestors. Join Love Works with Lisett and Jim as they discuss From Fight to Foreplay with Dr. Karen Sherman and The Wake Up and Dream Challenge with Dr. Barbara Bogdanow Lavi. Learn tools to manage conflict, repair relationships, and regulate emotions from your past. Discover where your dreams have gone, how to get them back, and why to dream big as individuals helping one another to accomplish your dreams.

The recording of the show will available now online after the show is broadcasted, so tune in & listen when you get a chance.