Here’s an Organization of Women Helping Women Succees

148 Divas

FEMALE POWER BROKER CLUB is Forming 148 Collaborative Business Relationships To Seed Its 2014 One Million Woman Link Up is putting together a female power broker club comprised of 148 business divas who are doing BIG things to seed its 2014 One Million Woman Link Up movement and network of Women’s News Bureaus during Women’s History Month. creates large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney and every other major city around the globe using the local resources already in place.


Its 2014 One Million Woman Link Up is just one of several BIG projects being implemented. The movement will assemble serious business women under one “roof” to do one thing — tap into LinkedIn’s network of 130+ million female members to build an engaged following for their LinkedIn Company Page so they can attract new clients and cultivate collaborative business relationships.


LinkedIn Company Pages are being positioned to become the driving force of sales on the business platform. Most members don’t even know that they can even set up one much less how to build followers. The 2014 One Million Woman Link Up movement will change that. You can follow’s Company Page by going to


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