The Wake Up and Dream Challenge Newsletter July #2



No Need To Pay Or Use A Kindle, Download The Wake Up and Dream Challenge It’s That Simple!!

Starting August 4th and ending August 6th, The Wake Up and Dream Challenge will be free for download. Just follow the link to amazon. You do not have to have a kindle to take advantage of this offer. Amazon provides a free reader as well. Once you have read the book, it would also be greatly appreciated if you left a comment or review of the book. All the books (one for each of the Dream nonprofits featured in and benefiting from the book) are now linked. Your comments will help all the non-profits associated with the book gain more exposure and awareness for their causes.

The promotion will bring an array of ads & poems for your enjoyment as well. The title to this post & the photo from above are just 2 of many fun ads.

Dr. Lavi Welcomes Claire Freeman, Human Resources Intern

Newsletter Picture Claire

Dr. Lavi is proud to introduce Dream Team intern, Claire Freeman. Claire is the Human Resources intern, who is responsible for organizing projects, recruitment and other vital roles for the Dream Team. She is currently a rising junior studying Psychology and Business at Loyola University in Maryland. Claire’s goals are to learn more about the tasks a Human Resources professional is responsible for and to acquire the skills that are necessary to perform them. Claire can personally relate to The Wake Up and Dream Challenge stating that, “the book is all about making a path for your dreams and accomplishing them. For me, this internship is on my path to my dream career in the Human Resources field.” She likes how the internship allows her to perform more HR tasks than she would be able to anywhere else. “Dr. Lavi encourages us all to be creative and come up with tasks and procedures related to getting the word out about the book. I also enjoy learning how to build a strong cohesive Dream Team of interns.”


A Child Is Missing Nominated For Prestigious Award

A Child Is Missing has been nominated for the L. Anthony Sutin Civic Award by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. A Child Is Missing is being recognized for their “innovative civic interactions that have transformed public safety in their community.” This non-profit organization  was created in 1997 to help locate missing children, the disabled and elderly during the first hours of disappearance. To learn more about A Child Is Missing and other non-profits like them download The Wake-Up and Dream Challenge for free this Sunday for three days.

This News Letter was written by Dream Team Intern Adam Sierzputowski

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