Dr. Lavi Takes A Stand to Protect Children Not Guns

Dr. Barbara Lavi Backs Senators & Congresswomen Fighting for #GunSense

Dr. Barbara Lavi Backs Senators & Congresswomen Fighting for #GunSense












3/13/2012 Washinton DC Moms Demand Action Press Conference:

Dr. Lavi attended the Moms Demand Action Press Conference as part of the Moms Take the Hill in Washington DC. She is proud to be one of 250 mothers, fathers & grandmothers who represented 80,000 members of Moms Demand Action. Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action called herself an “accidental activist,” who founded the grassroots organization on December 14th 2012 after hearing about the Sandy Hook Masacre. Dr. Lavi is proud to have become one of the “accidental activists.” This was Dr. Lavi’s 1st time going to DC as part of a political “lobby.” Dr. Lavi reports that it was “an amazing experience yesterday to actually meet & hear Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein & others speak. These powerful women are working hard to help protect our children from the rising onslaught of gun violence in our country.” Dr. Lavi believes that, “Moms will make a difference just as they did with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.” Take a stand if you want #gunsense like 90% of Americans (including gun owners) who want stricter gun control (universal background checks, a ban on high capacity ammunition & semi-automatic weapons, gun trafficking laws & funding for safety measures in schools). Let your congressmen know you want machine guns out of our schools, movie theaters & neighborhoods. Eight children are shot & killed every day in America. It’s time to stop the violence. Learn more & join Moms Demand Action here: http://momsdemandaction.org/

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