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Dr. Lavi on LA Talk Radio: How Couples Can Follow Their Dreams


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Dr. Barbara Lavi will be appearing on LA Talk Radio Show: Love Works tomorrow at 8 PM EST 5 PM PST with Jim Gulnick, BSEE, MBA & Lisett Guevara, BSIE, MSIE, D.Ed., Co-Authors, Co-Hosts, Husband and Wife
Love Works 2 28 13 – 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST – Channel 1
Chapter 8: Ghosts of Our Ancestors. Join Love Works with Lisett and Jim as they discuss From Fight to Foreplay with Dr. Karen Sherman and The Wake Up and Dream Challenge with Dr. Barbara Bogdanow Lavi. Learn tools to manage conflict, repair relationships, and regulate emotions from your past. Discover where your dreams have gone, how to get them back, and why to dream big as individuals helping one another to accomplish your dreams.

The recording of the show will available now online after the show is broadcasted, so tune in & listen when you get a chance.


Valentine’s Day Photo Caption Contest



For Valentine’s Day I decided to have a contest. Post your creative captions for this photo & you may win a free copy of my book, The Wake Up And Dream Challenge. If you don’t have a caption to add, vote for your favorite either here or on the facebook page. Current entries include : Keep your captions coming or vote for your favorite. Here are a few that came on my personal page:

Pat Mintz Crabs anyone????

Judy DuLaney Richardson Pinch me! I must be dreaming!

Stacey Krone-Battat love is blind (and often unkosher!) &

Dana Giraux Love and light grow the roses of the soul.

On a more serious note, on Valentine’s Day, Dr. Lavi will be traveling to Hartford with busloads of concerned citizens to advocate for more sensible gun control legislation. If you live in Connecticut & would like to take part, go to