Newsletter 2 3/8/2012

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The Wake Up And Dream ChallengeNewsletter
Issue #2 March 8, 2012
Newsletter 2 March 8, 2012
Upcoming Events:The Wellness Author’s Show March 12th & 13th The Wake Up And Dream Challenge onhttp://www.TheWellnessAuthorsShow.comListen for Dr. Barbara Lavi’s radio interview on The Wellness Author’s Show.  She will be discussing her book, The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, including her reasoning for writing the book as well as her vision for the future of the “challenge”.“Wings of Change” Spring Event Thursday, March 29th at 6pm Hosted by Saks Fifth Avenue Saks Fifth Avenue, Stamford

Dr. Lavi will also be attending the first annual Fairfield County “Wings of Change” spring event to benefit the Yerwood Center.  She will be speaking for the Women’s Health & Wellness Panel along with the director of Diversity American Cancer Society Myrna Duarte, Integrated Medical & Wellness Expert Dr. Lauri Grossman, Author VC August, & Thin Threads Founder Stacey Battat.  The event includes a full scale fashion show, celebrity hosts (including our own celebrity Dr. Lavi), food & drinks, & a silent auction.

If you are from CT & would like to attend or find out more details about this event, e-mail Dr Lavi at

Dr. Lavi’s Tip of the Week:

Take time every day for yourself & your dreams & you will keep moving forward towards them. Even an hour a day can move you towards your dreams.“I am a full time student and an intern for Dr. Barbara Lavi, but I still find time each day to follow my dream of writing a novel.  Even when I can’t work on my book, I write down observations, conversations, and ideas. “Since January, I have written two essays, created a website to keep track of my writing experience, and kept a log in my computer of all my observations and ideas.  I am following my dream to become a writer one step at a time, making sure to practice the craft of writing every day.”
                                                                              – Melissa ToniInspirational Story:From Homeless to Artist One Line at a Timesirshadow4
Sir Shadow is one of those amazing people who never let any obstacles tear down his dreams.  He dropped out of high school, could not afford to go to art school, & lived on the streets of New York City as a homeless man.  Still, he persevered & never let go of his dream of becoming an artist.

Shadow continued to draw & sell his paintings on the streets.  People started to recognize him & call him the “Master of the Flow” & the “One-Line Artist”, because of the amazing ability he has to produce beautiful drawings with one continuous line.  Today, his artwork can be found in major art venues & in homes around the country.  Whitney Houston was one of his biggest fans.

He has come a long way, but he will never forget the hardships he has endured.  “I create before the pain slips away,” he writes in his poem entitled Stay Strong, “knowing that life makes art out of upsets and tragedies.”

To find out more about Sir Shadow & view his drawings, painting, poetry, & other artwork, visit his website:

Questions for YOU:   What talent do you have that you can develop? Do you make great cakes, or empanadas, or have an idea for a patent? How can you start using & developing that talent?

Nonprofit in the Spotlight

A Child Is Missing 500 SE 17th Street Suite 101 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33316 Phone: 954-763-1288

A Child Is Missing is a community-based nonprofit organization, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Their mission is to educate the law enforcement about a rapid-response neighborhood alert program that utilizes high-tech telephone systems so that more missing children, the elderly, college students, & disabled persons can be safely recovered.

ACIM gains its funds through corporation donations, state & federal funding, sponsorship, private, and special events.  Fortunately for all golfers and partiers out there, ACIM will be hosting their 10th annual 2012 Golf Tournament & pre-tournament “Par-Tee” April 19-20th in Plantation, FL to raise money. The “Par-Tee” will include a silent auction, food, celebrities, & a chance to win a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Golf Tournament will kick off the afternoon with a lunch & putting contest, followed by a shotgun start for the tournament, & later on a hot buffet & the Awards Presentation. This exciting & fun event will help support ACIM’s Child Safety Education/ Bullying Programs, which empower over 60,000 kids to avert bullying & help peers who may be targets of such abuse.

For more information about this wonderful event, visit

The 21 Nonprofits

A Child Is Missing (ACIM) is devoted to assisting law enforcement in the search & early ‘safe’ recovery efforts of missing children, as well as missing elderly, disabled persons, & college students. Buy Nowpurchase the book that donates to ACIM.

The Blind Judo Foundation promotes the sport of Judo to the blind & visually impaired community while educating the population about the physical, psychological, emotional, & productive benefits of Judo for the visually impaired community. Buy Nowpurchase the book that donates to The Blind Judo Foundation.

Boaz & Ruth rebuilds lives of formerly incarerated people through relationships, transitional jobs, & economic revitalization. Buy Now purchase the book that donates to Boaz & Ruth.

Camp Young Judaea TX teaches children to grow into leaders who are proud of who they are. Buy Nowpurchase the book & donate to CYJ TX.

Compass to Care is dedicated to scheduling & paying for customized travel arrangements for families seeking the best cancer care for their children. Buy Now purchase the book & donate to Compass to Care..

D.R.E.A.M. Inc.  empowers today’s urban youth to make informed financial, social, & professional decisions. Buy Now purchase the book that donates to D.R.E.A.M. Inc.

Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation raises money for disadvantaged children through annual fund-raising events & projects. Buy Now purchase the book & donate to this nonprofit.

The Dr. Cynthia Lucero Center trains therapists to work with the growing Latino population in the United States. Buy Now purchase the book that donates to the Lucero Center.

The Elimination of Prejudice creates long-lasting community change by addressing the underlying differences between people. Buy Now to purchase the book that donates to Elimination of Prejudice.

Enchanted Makeovers turns shelters into places where homeless women & children can be inspired.Buy Now purchase the book that donates to Enchanted Makeovers.

Green Demolitions recycles homes to help everyone save money & protect the environment. They use the proceeds to restore the lives of addicts. Buy Nowpurchase the book & donate to Green Demolitions.

HerShe Group Foundation, Inc. empowers girls in the foster care system residing in Los Angeles to successfully transition into womanhood. Buy Nowpurchase the book that donates to HerShe.

Higher Ground (HG)  improves long-term care for wounded veterans by demonstrating the efficacy of sports, family, & coping therapies as means of rehabilitation. Buy Now purchase the book & donate to HG.

Menorah Park Center for Senior Living ensures their residents are happy, loved,& appreciated knowing that their dreams matter. Buy Now to purchase the book that donates to this nonprofit.

Micro Museum A Living Arts Center is an arts incubator for mixed media creativity & community leadership. Buy Now purchase the book that donates to Micro Museum.

Music From A Bottle is a global recycling program that utilizes the redemption values of bottles & cans to encourage artistic development of youth worldwide.Buy Now purchase the book & donate to Music From A Bottle.

New York Says Thank You Foundation transforms the 9/11 Anniversary into a positive, hands-on platform for national volunteer service. Buy Now purchase the book & donate to NY Says Thank You.

Osprey Village, Inc. provides a caring community environment where eligible individuals – both disabled & non-disabled – can function at their highest level of independence. Buy Now purchase the book that donates to Osprey Village, Inc..

Rock and Wrap It Up, Inc. recovers food and other assets to agencies fighting poverty, increasing their operating budgets. Buy Now to purchase the book that donates to this nonprofit.

Simon’s Fund raises awareness about heart conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest & death.Buy Now to purchase the book that Saves lives one heart at a time.

Voices Against Brain Cancer (VABC)  supports the advancement of scientific research about brain cancer & provides support for cancer patients & their families.Buy Now purchase the book & donate to

The Wake Up And Dream Challenge

Get it


“Life is tough. It presents challenges all of the time. My first scary challenge that knocked me down was when I got Multiple Sclerosis in 1993. After addressing the physiological portion, many fears and irrational behavior developed. Because of Dr. Lavi, and my time as her patient, I was able to get back on track and enjoy my life despite knowing I would have MS the rest of my life and would need to work hard to manage and control it.

What Dr. Lavi didn’t know until now, is that she helped me again, when I faced stage-3 cancer years later. Her guidance and effective dream-planning ideas stayed with me all these years and helped me again through an even more frightening time of horrific cancer treatments. I would l not be who I am today without her help and guidance.” L.D. (former patient)

“I still pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.” Jody (not her real name)

Barbara is an authentic passionate soul. Someone easy to love and to learn from. When she is talking I always feel like taking notes. Naomi B

“…you freed me & I feel better than I have in years! So if you went into your profession because you truly wanted to make a difference, in the world & in the lives of people–consider your profession well chosen & consider your job well done. You’ve change my life…& I thank you for it!” JCP
Visit Dr. Barbar Lavi’s website to learn more about her book and The Wake Up and Dream Challenge! www.WakeUpAndDreamChallenge.comRead Dr. Barbara Lavi’s new blog to learn about what current events and issues are intriguing her.
F i r s t A n n ual Fai r f i e l d C o u n t y “Wings Of Change” Spring Event

Thursday, March 29, 2012 Hosted by Saks Fifth Avenue

Dr. Lavi will be participating in “Fairfield County First Ladies” Education Day At Saks Fifth Avenue as part of this gala event & doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble in conjunction with this event.

Amazing List of Red Carpet VIPs, Keynotes & Celebrities Event by Marcia Seldan Celebrity Events & TV Personality Lifestyle Design Expert Kristy Kay

To B e n e f i t Th e Yerwood Center in Stamfo


Tel: (203) 515-8111 Email:

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